Arkib untuk Mei, 2011

Sweet time off

Posted in Uncategorized on Mei 29, 2011 by o.r.e.o

Here am writing while am on meal break. Weird eh. Sunday at office while others at home at cineplex watch movie and stuff. Geez. Another 32 day to go before the m1 project shifted back to singapore leaving vads and klsc. Meaning jobless in another 32 days. The job application that recently i attend also still pending. I wish they will expedite the issue so they can confirm the date for intake. I dont want to work with sibgaporean market anymore. Headache. Not that am lack of patient but sometime i felt enough.



Am writing again

Posted in Uncategorized on Mei 20, 2011 by o.r.e.o


Hi, it’s been a long time that i stop blogging. It was just i can’t seem a good time to blogging anymore. I love to blogging n share the life experience n to actually placed the memory inside the blog so that i can read it once in a while to rewind all those sweet n so called not-really-sweet memories.haha.

I am writing this column just to test the wordpress application that i recently downloaded to my ipod touch. So much things happend since back then. But seems lots of thing not been captured to this blog.

Hopefully, i be able to update this column once again.

Best regards,