Kamu ni sgt penyabar orangnya

Seriously i dont know where to start but, i just like to say i’am really sorry for everything that i’ve done to u. I should never do that to u, i just cant control my temper, and i will regret it forever.

I’ve learns lots a good things from u, u did help me a lots, in fact ur trying at ur end best to give me satisfaction, yet i never stop dispute. After all what u’ve done to me, i felt like never get enough. I never say thank or at least smile or talk nicely.

Only god know how ur work loads, how people make use of u to do works, how stress u are at ofc, with colleages, bosses, clients. After long hour working at the ofc with full of stress, u just wish that can go back home and sleep. But i just cannot have simple understanding of that, instead of let u rest or do things that can makes u feels like ur home! I keep pushing, disturbing while u having a rest/sleep. What is my reason? I cant sleep, u dont even care! That is really common words from me! If u dont care, u wouldn’t go to clinic to get me sleeping tablet, if u dont care u will not let me sleeping on ur arm! Why cant i see it?

Each time, if u didnt text or call i will be mad, and i will keep calling untill u pick up the phone, u said ‘hey, am in the meeting, i will call you back’. After 10 min, am calling again and again and again. One day u explaining urself work as media planner, paper work, presentation, report, outstation, meeting client, events. I just cannot have simple understanding, that the fact ur are busy at the ofc and meeting. I nodded my head as understand but i just did it again after that.

If i were about to list, so much things that i do wrong, think wrongly, saying bad words, blaming u, everything is just not right.

I’m really sorry for all that has happend, i’m way cross the line, and the worst things, i dare to hit ya! The person whom i love, who very close to me, who help me when am sick? Who cook for me when i’m hungry, who advice me when i got a prob, who pick me from workplace, who let me sleep in ur arm. Why? Why Did i do that to u? Why am i change? Why am i become like this?

I had a doubt on u, i keep checking phones, emails, personal stuff and everything! And i did find something, i ask but u keep deny. And explain urself, But i nvr satisfied, and keep searching! Found things, fighting, and getting worst by day.

Relationship built on trust! I just need to trust u! what ever happend just let it be . I will Learn from the mistake, what need to bear on my head is that we have each other! And i know u will try ur best.

And i wish, i will nvr repeat the same mistakes, i shud learn how to appreciate, understand, and most important trust!

I don’t deserve 3rd chance, i know, but u did gimme a chance, u still here beside me. I know Ur not perfect, cuz ur normal human being, which can’t run from making mistake. But my part is actually to accept the fact that we human made mistakes. And we fix it so things be ok.

For me ur Good Partner. And u done ur part so well. And me? I will try my best to be a good partner to u too.

Am so in love with you! Ethan.



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