about o.r.e.o

hi there this is me who writing. Mr o.r.e.0.

i welcome all newby who like to be linking with my blog. this blog much about myself and the so-round i live in..write yours share mine.

kinda existing the P.A for myself who keep the track of my tiny little life. so when i’m gone, the world no longer place i live. so still got the url to be reffered wasn’t it?.

most likely i’m blogging just because the insomnia that bother me and ruin my day. i can’t help myself to cure the problem, i call them as the problem. it’s really-really bother me hell much.

and by the way.i got ym.

add me. this is my YM id > shepard_sk8

see ya,



Satu Respons to “about o.r.e.o”

  1. NightmareOnElmStreet Says:

    You owe me something mr Oreo. You cannot run that far. I can see you.

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