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oreo audio III

Posted in oreo playlist with tags , , on Januari 15, 2009 by o.r.e.o

today 15th jan 2008, UKM’s election campus day. so happy voting to all. ;p

today post is indonesian songs. hope ya enjoy. am so freaking tired.enjoy ya weekends.

Permintaan Hati – Letto

Cinta Ini Membunuhku – D’Masiv



oreo audio II

Posted in oreo playlist with tags , on Januari 13, 2009 by o.r.e.o

today is my bad day.
1- mocha freeze sold-out when i need it the most.
2- i was kick out from class due wearing round neck t-shirt during class. first time,really piss-off.
3- my bank card snap. there u go.
4- my tyre punctured.hell again

but lucky me.
– friend treat me durian… gile mkn durian. makan sikit je dah panas satu badan.

cuaca panas cmni jom kita layan lagu arab. from amr diab. he’s hot. agreed?

Amr diab – (i dont know the title but best jugak)

Amr diab – Alah la Yehremny Menak

Amr diab – amarin

wish ya’ll happy bad day..hehe.


oreo audio I

Posted in oreo playlist with tags , , , on Januari 8, 2009 by o.r.e.o

i would love to share some music to my ear with u guys out there hope u guys enjoy the songs. cheers

1] Golden Silvers – Magic touch.

2] Couple – Hey now.

3] The Pipettes – Your Kisses are Wasted On Me.

4] The Sounds – Don’t wanna hurt you

and btw guys…is there anyone want the Laskar Pelangi novel written by Andrea Hirata just drop me comment laskar pelangi…and i’ll email ’em to u a.s.a.p.there will be no charge just for free…thnx

p/s : thnx to nana..ats pertolongan nana aku berjaya masukkan lagu

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